Sarnia Christian School is owned, directed and protected by a registered charity: the Lambton Christian School Society (129904264RR0001).


The School's journey began in 1953 when a group of dedicated Christians took a big step in faith and constructed a two-room school on an empty field at the present location. There was no gym, no music room, no library, no playground and certainly no computers.


The parents of the first students who paid to send their children to this school wanted their children to know and learn that everything in this world was created and belongs to God. They wanted their children to learn how God created this amazing world for us to live in. They wanted their children to learn about God’s Word, the Bible, and to find out and be able to appreciate that God created each of us to be his caretakers of this miraculous creation. They wanted their children to learn to live in community in the way God desires for us. They wanted their children to learn to be Christ’s disciples and to learn to make decisions that would be helpful in the world and in the future.


As we move forward, we still remain true to the mission for students to learn about their place in God’s world and their responsibility as image bearers of God to make a difference in the world both now and in the future.


We pride ourselves on our safe, healthy and family-focused atmosphere. Even our Board of Directors consists of parents and alumni who understand the importance of our Christ-centred community.


Sarnia Christian School students participate in community service projects that help them see how they can play a role in helping others. This gives our students the opportunity to graduate from our school, spiritually equipped to be faithful stewards of God and to make significant contributions to their communities.



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Sarnia Christian School

1273 Exmouth Street

Sarnia, ON  N7S 1W9